Rolleiflex 6006 + Ilford Delta 400

Rolleiflex 6006

Ilford Delta 400
Ilfosol 3

9 min.
20 C
Agitation: first 10 seconds of each minute.

The Rolleiflex 6006 was one of my favorites cameras. Sold it to get funds for a Contax 645 (huge, huge mistake). I used to carry the Rolleiflex everyday in my backpack and that’s why I look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Jokes aside, the lenses were amazing, the metering of the camera was spot on, it’s build like a tank and Rolleiflex assistance in Europe is pretty good. IMMO Rolleiflex matches Hasselblad quality anytime.

Scanned in a Canon 9000F in RGB mode using a color film profile which gives a color cast to B&W negatives. In Photoshop I duplicated the image layer, turned it into grayscale and then used the opacity just to get a hint of color. Like a rich dark sepia tone.

Please forgive my poor English.
Thank you


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