Hasselblad 500CM + Kodak Trix 400 @ 3200 in Xtol

Hasselblad 500CM

Zeiss Planar CT* 80mm

Kodak Trix 400 @ 3200

11 min.
20 C
Agitation: first 10 seconds of each minute.

This gentleman is Julião Sarmento a Portuguese artist.
I had the chance of taking some photos of him with the Hasselblad as an alternative approach to digital which was being done by another photographer at the same time.
The outcome was strange to say the least. I got beautifully exposed shots along with… heavy contrast, heavy grain shots.
It was a rather controlled environment and I’ve used Xtol and ID11 with Trix pushed to 3200 many times. Can’t explain it. No matter how many formulas, recipes and such, film has it’s way.

Please excuse my poor English.
Thank you

  1. Light. Light on the first one. Stunning portrait.

    • Cooking Film said:

      Thank you my friend I guess the Gods of Photography were kind 😉

    • Cooking Film said:

      You are most kind Teresa. Thank you so much.

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