Contax 645 + Zeiss Planar 80mm

Contax 645
Zeiss Planar 80mm f2.0

Being a graphic designer I have a soft spot for beautiful cameras and the Contax 645 was my dream camera. It’s a gorgeous camera and, on top of that, the Zeiss lenses are praised to high heaven by many. I sold everything I had. A Rolleiflex 6006 kit and a Contax G2 kit and I got the famous 645, boxed! I was prepared for everything.

The weight? Not an issue. I was used to carry around the Rolleiflex.
Slow AF? I know the limits of a camera such as the Contax 645.

I was ready to have my socks blown away but it did not blew my socks away.
I will not say what I didn’t like but let me just say the more I used the 645 the more I missed my old Rolleiflex.

The only thing I must praise about this specific combo, Contax 645 + Planar 80mm f 2.0, is using the lens at f2.0. It is an amazing lens at f2.0, one of the most beautiful portrait lenses I have ever used. Gorgeous, harsh, organic out of focus areas, crisp, sharp detail in focus areas and… that something we can’t not put our finger on. It has nothing to do with quality but has everything to do with magic.

Apart from that… too much quality on the Contax and very little magic.

These were all taken at f2.0 using the Zeiss Planar 80mm.
I also like to do some scanning experiments. Many times I scan my negatives using a color film profile in RGB. That’s the reason for the color cast on some of the pictures. I use a Canon 9000F.

Please forgive my poor English.


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