Konica Hexar AF

Konica Hexar AF

This is a love post. The love for the little Konica Hexar AF.
I don’t own one right now. Sold it a couple of weeks ago and I miss it very much.
I dare to say the Hexar AF is my favorite camera.

Many times we’ve heard that the best camera is the one which “fits” the best our hands, our eyes…

The Hexar fitted my hands and eyes perfectly.
I used to shoot 2 rolls of film everyday. I got home from work, develop them, hang them to dry and scan them. I was never afraid to use a ISO 20 film in the subway or a 3200 film is daylight with the Hexar. Something always came out of the film.

I can’t praise enough the Konica Hexar AF. If you can get one, please do.

Please forgive my poor English.

  1. Steve Barnes said:

    Fantastic images here! Very unique! Also, I would love to have a Hexar AF. Hopefully one day!

    • Cooking Film said:

      Thank you so much my friend. It’s an amazing camera. Rock solid, absolutely silent and the quality of the lens is amazing even pushing it to the limit.

      Get one if you can.

      • Steve Barnes said:

        They have 2 or 3 in my local camera shop, but they are quite expensive. 😦 As I said, one day! 🙂

      • Cooking Film said:

        In Europe, and I’m Portuguese, a mint condition one usually goes for 350 to 400 euros. That’s a lot of money.

        We are not buying just a camera, we are buying the cult and some great reviews. 🙂

        What can I say my friend. It is indeed a dream camera. I’ve owned a Ricoh Gr1s too. The famous Daido Moriyama’s camera. It’s a real compact point and shoot camera, solid and light, amazing 35mm lens. Have you consider it?

        And please do forgive my poor English.

      • Steve Barnes said:

        Yes, you’re right, we are buying the cult value and great reviews too! Ah, I have a Ricoh GR1v! It is a great camera, but mine has a 28mm lens. I like it but prefer a 35mm focal length. But it really is a nice camera to hold and use, that’s for sure!

      • Cooking Film said:

        So my friend… you have no choice but to get the Hexar AF. It seems that your heart has already made the deal. 🙂 Did I mention the wonderful Nikon 35Ti? :))

      • Steve Barnes said:

        Ha! Yes the Hexar calls me! I have looked at the 35ti too. It seems also like a great camera! I was also thinking of the fujifilm klasse s. A lot newer and similar to the 35ti. Have you tried the 35ti???

      • Cooking Film said:

        Sorry for the late answer my friend.

        No I have not. I’ve read a lot about both the 28 and the 35Ti but never used them. I just got a Contax G1 and a G2 body with 3 lenses. I’ll be having AF rangefinder fun. Just love this system. 😉

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