Zero Image 2000 + Ilford FP4+

Zero Image 2000
(6×6 pinhole camera)

Ilford FP4+
Ilfosol 3

Between 5 and 7 min
20 C
Agitation: first 10 seconds of each minute.

  1. Li said:

    There is something about pinhole that never stops fascinate me. It has this special magic that allows it to capture the reality in a way that you can feel the substance of life so real…..right down to the air that the photgrapher was breathing in the same time it took for that light to travel through the same air, in through that little hole to meet the light sensitive medium. Aghhh! You know what I mean, don´t you Paulo!? Magical shots you do with that Zero image. I wish I had one.

  2. Cooking Film said:

    I still own the pinhole camera and using it always make me feel I’m capturing magic.
    Italo Calvino once wrote that “a man was crossing the road and all the sudden he started to see things as they really are”. 🙂
    Maybe the pinhole is capable of capturing the true essence of things. Mixing ghosts with reality.

    Thank you Janine and thank you Li, you are both much too kind.

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