Rolleiflex 6006 + Ilford Delta 400

Rolleiflex 6006
Zeiss 80mm lens

Ilford Delta 400
Ilfosol 3

8 min
20 C
Agitation: first 10 seconds of each minute.

Getting a Rolleiflex 6006 was a tough choice to make. I read lots of reviews, seen a lot of images… You know the deal.

All the reviews were very positive except for the battery issue and the weight of the camera. Also being mostly reviews written by American photographers, the name Hasselblad kept appearing as a better choice. Rolleiflex never made it big in the States as it did in Europe. Hasselblad is indeed the queen on the other side of the ocean.

Well I got one anyway.
The Rolleiflex 6006, as all in the 6000 series, is a big heavy camera.
I got it without the charger and I was a bit worried about servicing the camera so I sent an email to Rolleiflex Germany asking if they would sell me a charger and batteries.
They sold me the charger and the batteries and yes they service every Rolleiflex camera.

I loved the Rolleiflex. The Zeiss lenses are… brilliant. I had the 80 and the 150mm lenses and they were both amazing. I didn’t get the same Zeiss felling using the Contax 645 for example.
Anyway, the metering was pretty good, the motorized film advance came in hand in many situations and I felt I had a solid camera in my hands.

Joana is a gorgeous young lady. I can never thank her enough for putting up with me, so… thank you very much dear Joana.

Please forgive my poor English.


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