Rolleiflex 6006 + Ilford Delta 400@1600

Rolleiflex 6006
Zeiss 80mm lens

Ilford Delta 400 @ 1600
Ilfosol 3
22 min.
20 C
Agitation: first 10 seconds of each minute.

Browsing through old folders I came across some negatives from back in the days when I used a Rolleiflex 6006. I had a major love affair with that camera and the Zeiss lenses were amazing in every way.

The Rolleiflex didn’t make it big in the USA but in Europe Rolleiflex is a well regarded name at the same level as Hasselblad. Sure, the 6000 series and the Hasselblads are totally different systems but the performance of the Zeiss lenses is equal on both.

This was an extreme low light situation with a peak of “white” coming from a nearby street lamp. It enhanced the texture of the skin making it a bit… sablé. 🙂
“Sablé” is a word used in watchmaking to described something with a light sand texture.

I will try to post some new images from the Contax G1 and G2, with the 45 and the 28mm lenses. I’m also waiting for some Fuji Neopan 1600. Yes, the famous Neopan 1600. Stay tuned and please forgive my poor English.

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  1. Inês Silva said:

    what an amazing light! i love it

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