Ricoh GR1s

Ricoh GR1s

After discovering the work of Daido Moriyama I always wanted a Ricoh GR1. I’ve read about the several models and I went for a cheap GR1s I got on Ebay. I also owned a Konica Hexar AF which I absolute love but the slim, light and cheap looking Ricoh is a much more portable camera.

This is not a review but there’s a couple of things about the Ricoh I didn’t like. The Hexar is silent. Absolutely silent. I’ve taken pictures at people right in front of me without being noticed. The Ricoh is a noisy camera advancing the film.

The other thing is being able to set the ISO manually. The Hexar is a much more complete camera, allowing several amazing features to be set by the user. The one I like the most is the easy manual ISO function.

The lens of both cameras are amazing. I feel that the Hexar is a bit more soft. The Ricoh is a razor sharp, contrasted lens. Both have their own feeling and all I can say is, after using both I like the Hexar best. Both are amazing cameras for street photography and the Hexar being silent, that’s a big plus. If you are looking for a camera to carry around all day or in vacations, well… you can’t carry the Hexar on your back pocket like you can with the Ricoh, but I think that’s perfectly manageable.

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