Featured photographer: Giacomo Brunelli

Giacomo Brunelli is an Italian photographer. His series “The Animals” is one of the most amazing sets of images I’ve seen in my life. The concept itself and the way Giacomo did it is the proof that photography, either film or digital, is a never ending world of creative and expressive possibilities.

Image after image Giacomo captures poetry, life, death, sadness, strength at the early hours of the morning.

During those hours when the night is not completely over and the day is just beggining Giacomo takes pictures of what seems to be life on a world apart but that world is our own, it’s in our backyard, on the side of the road, in a field…

Sometimes we must guess the shapes as his images are not totally clear. It’s a hint, a feeling, a state of mind. Some are provocative and filled with tension. Giacomo sometimes provoques the animals to get a reaction, in many situations his presence is provocative enough as humans are not supposed to be up at those early hours.

It seems Giacomo is an early riser and through his talented mind, eyes and heart he created a trully mindblowing good photographic series.

A lot has been writen about Giacomo Brunelli by far more competent people.
All the awards and exhibitions also speak for themselves so what’s left to ask to someone like Giacomo?

I tried to “cook” some film with the Italian gentleman and, being the getleman that he is, he agreed to answer some questions about the technical aspects of his work.

Giacomo does not need to answer questions from some amateur guy with a blog but he was kind enough to do it.

Thank you Giacomo you are a kind person, a true gentleman and a talented photographer.
I’m honored.

I imagine that every photograph of The Animals series was very hard to get. The subjects, the time of day you choose to capture them… so… why using film?
Giacomo Brunelli: When I was shooting the animals series, I used to wake up early in the morning and drive through the countryside of Italy looking for my subjects. The film because I am still using my fathers’ camera (a Miranda from the 60s) and I cannot see myself not printing in the darkroom!

Did you ever arrived home wanting so bad to develop that particular roll just to find out none of the pictures came out right?
Giacomo Brunelli: Most of the times!

Why a 35mm camera Giacomo? Why not a medium format camera? I’m asking this because I know you used a wonderful Miranda, which is not light or quiet…
Giacomo Brunelli: I like the versatility of the 35mm cameras, it’s true they are noisy and heavy to carry but they can be also very fast.

Do you think that using film gives more credibility to the photographs or “speaks” better about the photographer skills?
Giacomo Brunelli: I think you have to find your own way of putting your ideas on paper, no matter analog or digital. I’ve chosen films because I am a nostalgic person. I also love the grain of the texture of the films.

I have to ask this. What kind of film do you use?
Giacomo Brunelli: Kodak Tri-x 400.

Do you develop your own films? Do you make your own prints?
Giacomo Brunelli: I do not develop, I do the printing only.


You can find the work of Giacomo Brunelli on his website and The Animals series is also published as an amazing) book.

Please forgive my poor English.

  1. Steve Barnes said:

    Wonderful, powerful, enigmatic images! Thanks for posting this!

    • Cooking Film said:

      Oh no Steve. Giacomo is a true gentleman and it is me who is absolutely honored to have him answering my questions.
      All I can say is: damn I wish I had the talent. 🙂
      Thank you my friend.

      • Steve Barnes said:

        I look forward to more of these interviews for sure! 🙂

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