Hasselblad 500 CM + 55 mm extension tube

Hasselblad 500 CM
Zeiss 80mm lens
55mm extension tube.

Kodak TriX 400
11 min.
20 C

I’m not a macro photographer and I only use the extensions tubes for personal pleasure. That being said no serious conclusion can be taken from what I write. The 21mm extension tube is a lot more usable, the 55mm one is a truly macro tube. It focus real close and the magnification reaches a dangerous level of “abstraction”.

What I mean is, depending on the subject, and since we must get real close it’s very easy to go beyond the recognizable shape and ending up with just an abstract fraction of the subject.

Anyway, it’s a pretty much fun exercise to watch things real close. I could carry the 55mm extension tube all day just for the fun of looking at things in a different way.

It’s very hard to focus with the 55mm tube and I always use the camera hand held and even the slightest movement can change focus ruining the shot. However I was lucky enough to get a couple of examples of a¬†successful situation.

These were shot one right after the other and the only thing that changed was the focus point. A few centimeters closer reveals a totally different shape making it hard to believe it is the same flower.

Please forgive my poor English.


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