Contax G1 + Zeiss Planar 45mm/f2.0

Contax G1
Zeiss Planar 45mm/f2.0

Kodak TriX 400 and Ilford Delta 400
Xtol stock
7,5 minutes for TriX 400 and 8 minutes for Delta 400
20 C
Agitation: first 10 seconds of each minute.

First of all I really like Ilford Delta 400. I always know what to expect from that film, consistent results.
Apart from that these are the pictures from a Saturday walk around Lisbon. I was using the EV +1 indoors and forgot to reset it when going to the street. That’s the reason from the white “blasts” on some pictures.

That’s also the wonder of it, I guess. Little surprises, little mistakes that can still make a shot.

Also the little Contax G1. What a great camera. Simple to use, amazing to hold. It really lets me concentrate on the picture. Yes slow AF, a bit noisy and all that, but by the end of the day the “Zeisses” G do shine. I like AF and I like aperture priority. I like using the G1 as it deserves.

Slow AF?
I’m not comparing it with to any modern digital camera. I’m not using it like a modern digital camera.
It’s a film camera and it’s intended to be used as such.

But there are other 35mm film cameras film cameras with much better AF and viewfinder.
Sure there are. Rangefinder cameras? Made by Contax? Taking Zeiss G lenses?

But it’s an all electronic camera and the true photographer would go for Leica.
That’s a choice indeed. I would not pay for a luxury (and yes) top of the art photographic camera such as a Leica and not having, at least, internal metering and aperture priority. Yes I also know about the M6 and M7. I would rather take another body and trying to get a really nice 35mm Leica lens, such as a Zeiss Ikon ZM.

The bottom line is: the Contax G1 or the G2 are not Leicas. They don’t work like Leica cameras, they are a world apart. I own a G1 and a G2. One body has the 28mm and the other the 45mm. Every morning I pick up a lens and just take whatever body is attached to it.

Please forgive my poor English.

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