Plaubel Makina 67 + Kodak TriX 400@320

Plaubel Makina 67

Kodak TriX 400 @ 320
Rodinal (Fomadon R09) 1+50
11m 30s
22.5 º C

Pre-wash: 4 times untill the water comes out clean.
Agitated for the first minute, then 10s every minute.
Stop bath: Fomacitro 1 min
Fixer: Ilford Rapid Fixer 5 min
Final wash
Wetting agent: Fotonal (8ml for 800ml of water)

These pictures were taken by a friend. Every time I talk to Carlos about his Plaubel the talk always ends up with the Mamiya 7ii in mind. I like the Plaubel and yet I never used one. I think they are beautiful objects and, of course, I’ve seen what they deliver with that amazing Nikkor.

Of course Carlos wants a Mamiya 7ii really bad but I also know he’s not going to sell the Plaubel to get it. They are similar in many ways yet totally different in many more.

Carlos is a dear friend, amazing film dealer and mentor of We Love Film, along with his partner in crime André Sirgado. We Love Film have been doing their bit of work to keep the passion for analog alive.

Please do check them out here: We Love Film

Carlos is here: Carlos Sol

Please forgive my poor English.

  1. Trevor said:

    Great post. I love that first portrait, the expression and tones are lovely. Carlos is a great guy–I have only known him a few months but he is incredibly awesome and accommodating. Actually, everyone I met and spoke with in Portugal was great. I love that country, and I’ll be back.

    • Cooking Film said:

      Thank you so much Trevor.
      Carlos is indeed a great guy and a true friend. It is my pleasure to feature some of his work in here.

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