Zeiss G35mm/f2 lens for the Contax G

This post is a love statment.
I’ve been using the G2 with the Zeiss G35mm lens a lot and what can I say about this lens…

I own the 28, the 35, 45 and 90mm and since I got the G35 it has never left the camera body.

I’ve read a lot about this kit and this is no review, this is just me saying the Zeiss G35mm lens is my favorite lens of this system so far. I’m yet to try out the 21mm and the 16mm.

I mean, there’s a lot of wide angle photographers out there who prefer the G28 or the G21which is fine of course. For my style of shooting (if I have one) I like the 35mm angle of view. When I compare it to the G45mm is does make a diference. I also like to use big apertures and the G35mm, like the G45, delivers a beautiful f2.0 widest aperture.

An f2.0 lens is wide enough, for me, and using it in combination with the tack sharp focus from the Contax G2 one can really see how good this system is. Razor blade sharp focus and the ever present harsh and organic out of focus which is the Zeiss signature.

All the pictures were taken using f2.0 up to f5.6.


Untitled-44 Untitled-13 Untitled-17 Untitled-18 Untitled-9 Untitled-4 Untitled-25 T Untitled-7

  1. Anonymous said:

    Lindissimas! (para mim, a do gato está soberba!)

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  3. Filip said:

    The photo of man laying on the street is great man!

    • He just had an accident and I had to take the opportunity. He was alright though, just a little cut on his forehead otherwise I couldn’t take pictures while someone is suffering.

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