Hasselblad 500CM + Zeiss 120mm Makro Planar

Hasselblad 500CM
Zeiss 120mm Makro Planar
21mm extension tube on the last shot.

Kodak TriX 400
8 min
Agitation: first 10 seconds of each minute.

I’m not using the Hasselblad that much. It’s winter over here and it’s easier to carry a compact camera in my pocket. However last Sunday I got the chance of taking some pictures of a very special person. She always complains about me not using color film and so, this time I did.

Three C-41 and one E6 are being developed by a trusted friend (I will post some when I get them). Meanwhile I managed to take some black and white pictures too.

The Zeiss 120mm Makro is a great lens. So sharp it “hurts”. Not everybody’s idea of a good lens I know. I like the hardness, the detail and the harsh texture on the skin. I sold my 80mm Planar to get the Makro 120mm and I don’t regret it.

On the other hand, with a “model” as beautiful as this… I got the easy part.


  1. Mark said:

    Excellent images. I quite fancy a medium format camera but have only just got back into film and am really enjoying using my Yashica GT. would mind a Konica Hexar AF if I can get one cheap enough. Maybe medium format is something to look at on the future.

    • Thank you so much Mark.
      I’m sure medium format will hit you hard one of these days. Trust me!
      I like the quality of a big negative but on the other hand I also like to take a camera with me every day.
      So I ended up keeping the Hasselblad for those “special” moments and using 35mm cameras more freely on a daily basis.

      The Hexar AF… I could go for hours about it. What an amazing camera Mark! Solid as a rock, absolutely and I mean absolutely quiet!
      Beautiful f2.0 lens, despite the 1/250 top speed. You can get one without silent mode because it can be added later. It’s only disabled…

      Really I love the Hexar AF. I’ve used it in the subway with a 20 ASA film and I’ve used it in plain day light with a 3200 ASA film. The little Hexar always deliver it’s best and it’s magical.

      Take a look

  2. Tiago bartolomeu said:

    Brutal a 3ª! A expressão… o foco… gosto muito

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