Contax G1 + Zeiss G45mm + Kodak TriX 400@3200 + Adox APH 09

Contax G1
Zeiss G45mm

Kodak TriX 400@3200
Adox APH 09
33 min
Agitation: Every now and again…

The truth is I needed a digital camera. For professional reasons and yes, also personal ones, I decided to get a digital camera.

The money tree I had in my back yard dried out a long time ago so… decisions had to be made. Something needed to go away. Sadly I sold one of my favorite kits of all times. My dear Contax G2 with a G35 mm lens and I got a Fuji X100.

I’ve been using the X100 for some candid “subway shots” on my way to work and it’s a good camera, truly is but I couldn’t wait for today… Saturday… to take out the G1 and shoot film.
All I can say is… no matter what camera, my true love is the medium itself. I’m still in love with film.

The Adox APH 09 is another Rodinal late son. Sharp and really brings out the contrast but not too grainy. These images were taken under a very poor light with Trix pushed to 3200 ISO and I’ve used it at 1+50 dilution.

Untitled-19 Untitled-21Untitled-18 Untitled-22 Untitled-29

  1. Obrigado Raphael!

    Tenho andado de digital durante a semana mas estava desejoso de usar filme de novo. É mais que um vício, é paixão mesmo. 😉

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