The Nikon 28Ti

I don’t know enough about cameras to write any kind of review.
I just like to try them out to see what they can or cannot do.

Over the years I’ve been cutting down on cameras and lenses and keeping only the ones that fit my (amateur) needs. One of those needs is having a camera with me all the time. I like the simplicity of compact cameras but, on the other hand, I like to have a bit of control over what I’m doing.

The Nikon 28Ti is such a camera.

It’s a little titanium brick, with a sharp lens and it renders beautiful out of focus areas.
Put it in your backpack and you’ll have a solid faithful partner for everyday use and, believe me, the results can be surprising.



  1. raphael said:

    paulo..o dia q fizeres um livro eu vou ser acampar a porta p ser o primeiro a comprar

    • ahahahahah oh meu caro amigo, será que algum dia chegaremos a esse nível? Ao nível dos que editam livros? Era bom… 😉

  2. Mark said:

    There are some really nice images here. Glad you’re back taking pictures after being unwell.



    • Thank you so much Mark. A bloody wisdom tooth got infected, the infection spread to my left ear and throat and the dentist could not deal with it while infected. Toothache, earache, throat ache all at once 🙂
      Feeling a lot better now. Thank you again my friend.

  3. liked the pics try to not use data stamps on them though. if you get a great photo someday and have a timestamp on it you will want to shoot yourself.

    • The truth is that I was so anxious to use the camera that I didn’t even check the data imprint feature. 🙂

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