Contax G1 + Rollei ATO 2.1

Contax G1
Zeiss G28mm and Zeiss G45mm

Rollei ATO 2.1 @ ISO 25
Adox APH 09
6 min

This was the second time using the Rollei ATO 2.1. For the previous post I’ve used an old Yashica Minister D and the results were so… peculiar that I wanted to try the same combination film/developer but this time using a camera equipped with a meter I trust.

It turns out that the results were darker and even more contrasted. I’m sure Zeiss lenses have something to do with it. It was not the Yashica, maybe it’s this combination of film/developer or maybe it is just me not knowing how to use this film.

Anyway, on a couple of situations I measured the shadows and locked exposure but even then all the shadow detail was lost.

A friend sent me a little chart by Rollei with a list of developers and times they advise. I’m sure the Rollei ATO is capable of delivering much better results but I still haven’t got the hang of it.

Untitled-28I think this one is nice. That lady was in the shade and the light was pretty much uniform.


Untitled-38I measured the light on that area and locked exposure. There was an old man there. All shadow detail is lost.

Untitled-38screenI know it’s not a perfect example but this shot has 7 layers of “screen” mode in Photoshop. The negative still holds some detail of the sidewalk not visible without any kind of manipulation but no information on the negative of the man against that dark window.


Untitled-44Same situation here. I measured the light on that area.


Untitled-46Not so bad… the Sun was hitting straight on the shop window.




Untitled-41These last 3 are just me shooting as I always do with this camera and any other film.


The chart from Rollei is a bit strange. I’m not saying it’s wrong but using RHS High Speed at 1+7 takes 7 minutes to develop but using it even more diluted at 1+9 only need’s 5.30 minutes?
Maybe I’m missing something.



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