Putting out the fire

This is not a goodbye note, this is a thank you note.
Thank you guys for visiting this lame blog. Thank you for looking at my stuff and thank you for inspiring me with your images, life experiences and, above all, thank you for your friendship.

I’ve learned a lot from all of you and I gave very little in return and for that I cannot apologize enough.

Time has come to move along but I could never close the photography chapter in my life without saying THANK YOU.

May the Gods of photography be with you all.

Your friend
Paulo Pires

PS: Cooking Film will still be online for a few weeks and I will upload one last post before the end of the month. Trust me, you will love it!

  1. Anonymous said:

    olha olha … dormiste com os pés de fora?

  2. jezzafox said:

    You can’t give up on your blog. I really enjoy reading what you have to say. Please reconsider, and keep it going.

  3. This is a pity. You have a great blog with good photos…. and it is well organized and easy to navigate. Hang in with the photography.

  4. Dario said:

    Noooooo why do you want to end it?
    This is definitely one of my favorite websites about film photography.
    I really enjoyed looking at your great pictures and all the interesting recipes, even if i never commented on any of the other posts..
    Thank you for making this blog!
    Cheers Dario

  5. David said:

    Are you kidding? I just clicked “follow” and the read this? At the very least, keep the blog up even if you don’t update it. These blogs are valuable resources to some.

    Glad to have found you anyway–thanks for following!

  6. You guys are the best, really you are and I’m writing this with an open heart.

    I know this is a “photography” blog but please allow me to share some thoughts.
    I know that things are hard everywhere. All we hear day after day is crises, unemployment, people fighting for their future, for their kids future. We are all making huge sacrifices and, in the Portuguese situation, there is no hope that all of this will come to a happy ending. This system is a money sucking monster feeding some.

    Being a naive arse, I thought that maybe, just maybe, this global situation would make us stop for a while and think about taking another direction. These are times of trouble and Mother Mary ain’t gonna help or speak any words of wisdom.

    I feel unmotivated because I can’t switch off from all of this. Everything that happens in front of my lenses are a constant reminder of the mess things are and I’m one of the lucky ones for having a job a great kid and amazing strong parents and it feels so good getting home and isolating myself for a couple of hours developing film but it’s getting harder and harder to do so.

    Thank you all for your kind words, you really make me feel (pardon my French) like a million dollars. I have to shake these negative feelings off and I must hang on to the positive things life still brings and being in touch with you guys is one of the best things I have.


    • You know you & A are in my thoughts often, I hope you will never close any of your photography sites. I’m not here often, I have my own demons chasing me but still i try to keep my hand in a bit & hope that things will improve. Hope is all we may have, but hope is a big & powerful thing. I admire your photography endlessly, and always have. Sending you & A much love, I hope you will continue to find comfort with a camera in your hands dear Paulo.

      • Dear J.
        I went back there, to my grandparents house and I toke Afonso along. Like history repeating being me the father now.
        It’s always emotional going back to that house and despite all the decay I kept thinking about “renewal”. I need some of that… hope or renewal stuff. 🙂

        Thank you the world dear J.

  7. Dom said:

    Could I please ask you to leave this whole blog online? I only found it today and am really looking forward to reading all your posts.

    • Yes Dom it will stay up my friend.
      I had a bit of a despair moment but thanks to all of you guys I think I must put my feet on the ground and start acting in a less “emotional” way.

      It will stay up and if you find anything useful please use it in anyway you want.
      It’s me who feels honored for that.

  8. Chris L said:

    Very sorry to hear you say this as I’ve enjoyed your work tremendously. I hope you are planning on continuing to shoot film even if you won’t be posting the images. If so, send me an address where you can be reached and I’ll have a few rolls of Tri-X delivered–would be a small thank you for the enjoyment I’ve gotten from looking at your work.

    • Chris… you just left me without words…
      Photography is a passion and I really need it still. I can’t discard this from my life. It would mean I’m sort of giving up on one of the few passionate and creative things I have.

      I’m not ready for giving up yet.

      Thank you, thank you deeply, I do like Trix but… only if I can send you back some Rollei ATO 2.1. 🙂

      • Chris L said:

        Very glad to hear you say you’ll be continuing on with shooting and with the blog. I’m half a world away (in Seattle), but I feel the same way about getting out and shooting film.

        With respect to the Tri-X, it’s a deal–I think you should have my email address from the comment registration, so send me the address via email and some rolls will be headed your way.


      • Chris my friend. It is indeed a deal, I will be in touch and I also have those Rollei ATO ready for you. Thank you again and again, you are a good man my friend.

  9. fbonito said:


    (e isto é mais do que um smile…)

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