Contax G1 + Kodak TriX 400 @ 5000 ISO

Contax G1
Zeiss G28 and Zeiss G45mm

Kodak TriX 400 @ 5000 ISO
Ilford ID-11
20 min.

Last Sunday I went back to the house where I lived until I was 5.
It is my grandparents house although they are not around anymore. From time to time I need to go back there because it was in that house where my passion for photography started.

When I was 4 years old my grandmother finally showed me the content of a mysterious box she kept on top of a closet in her bedroom. It was a shoe box full of photographs. Pictures from the time my uncle spent in the “Ultramar” war.

Portugal was under a dictatorship for 41 years and when the African countries ruled by Portugal claimed their independence, the famous Salazar went to war.

Portugal went to war against Angola, Guiné-Bissau and Mozambique all at the same time. Many young men were drafted and my uncle, my father also, went straight from being young farmers, to war.

Portugal was defeated, Salazar died and the regime ended on the 25th of April of 1974.

A couple of months later during that Summer, with a sense of freedom in the air I could not understand, my grandmother and I went through those pictures together and that’s when my passion for photography started.

Thank you a million times guys.
I know I repeat myself a lot but that’s all I can say.

Here are some of the pictures I mentioned earlier.

Untitled-9 Untitled-1 Untitled-11 Untitled-16 Untitled-23 Untitled-27 Untitled-33 Untitled-35 Untitled-37

  1. wonderful memories paulo, a beautiful recollection illustrated perfectly with these very lovely photographs xx

    • Thank you dear J. You knew the story. One day the house will collapse, it’s so old and decaying but there are so many memories there that will survive everything.

  2. jeremy north said:

    This is an amazing story my friend!

    • Thank you Jeremy for your words and support my friend.

  3. Thanks for sharing both your photos and your uncle’s photos. Your uncle’s photos capture a unique time and place and no matter what you may feel about the time and the conflicts, they are a historical record that should be preserved. Thanks for preserving this important record. Stay in the photographic world – you have a style, an approach and a way of approaching photography which is very inspirational.

    • I came across those photographs again a couple of years ago and I scanned them but they are so old that I’m afraid I can’t recover them at all. Thank you for your kind words and I do this for the fun of doing it and when I’m a bit on the down side with life itself that spreads to my energy to go out with the camera and I feel like giving it all up. Okay, dark clouds away and I still haven’t got the hang of the Rollei ATO and that’s what I’ll do next! 🙂

      • Good to hear that you will work with Rollei ATO. I like the picture of old the lady. I have no useful advice on the Rollei chart – the 1 + 9 developing time is strange. Looking forward to the next results. Keep on going with the good work.

      • It’s a tough film to work with at least by “regular” standards. Rollei has a special developer for it but I’ll have to buy it from Germany as it’s not available in Portugal. I would like to give it a go because I still have some of those Rolleis in 120mm and I was planning on doing something nice but the results, so far, are a bit disappointing.

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