Rolleiflex 6006 + Zeiss 80mm and 150mm + Ilford Delta

Rolleiflex 6006
Zeiss 80mm/f2.8 HFT lens
Zeiss 150mm/f4 HFT lens
34mm extension tube

Ilford Delta 400 and 3200 film
Ilfosol 3 developer

One curious story about my Rolleiflex.
I posted a WTS add on Flickr for my system about 2 years ago. I did the same on GET DPI and and I got zero responses. Not a single soul asked about my kit when all Hasselblad adds got immediate answers.

I even started a thread on wondering the reasons for the sucess of the Hasselblad V system versus the Rolleiflex 6000 system, the ugly duck of 6×6 medium format?
As usual the input was great, take a look.

macro 2

With the 34mm extension tube.


Delta 3200, beautiful grain.


Delta 3200

black pig cat Untitled-1 Untitled-4-a eu h1 lago verde mercedes 2

  1. Derek said:

    Aw man you got a 6006 ?! I “hate” you 🙂

    • At the time I was afraid about the batteries and chargers and I sent an email to Rollei and they sold me both items and they still service the cameras. I had ended up selling it to a lady in Hong Kong 🙂

      • Derek said:

        Aw man, I know my Rolleiflex is out of service and I have no money to replace or repair it, makes me sad.

      • … Rollei service is not cheap but it’s always good to know that it exists if better times comes.

  2. The look on the cat’s face is priceless – it is almost like a cartoon. I have to try Delta 3200 – did you expose it at 3200?

    • Ahahah the cat was great, he didn’t move, that negative is just sharp. I like to use Delta at 3200 but I also like to use it at ISO 2000.

      I get consistent results using Microphen. It goes easy on the contrast and makes the grain beautiful.

      TMax dev also works very well for the Delta 3200. 🙂

      • Thanks. I will try it at 3200 this week.

  3. Anonymous said:

    These pictures are all lovely Paulo, I
    love them xx

  4. Great shots. The Rolleiflex has to be a wonderful camera. Some time ago I bought a hasselblad and I really love taking pictures without using batteries … maybe because I couldn’t forget the annoyment of having empty batteries on my hands when I have interesting motifs in front of me … with the rediscovered love for analogue photography I came across with a very cheap offer of a hasselblad v system camera and I just had to say YES 😉

    • Thank you Anette and I agree with you. The Hasselblad V is a great system, lighter and smaller and it never runs out of batteries that’s for sure. 🙂
      I have an Hasselblad 500CM and it is the queen of the house.

  5. A do gato é das minhas favoritas que já vi por aqui, Paulo!

    Um abraço 🙂

    • Gracias hombre, foi fácil, tirei uma porrada de fotos, ele não se mexeu 😉

  6. kceames said:

    I have a Rolleiflex SL66 and will admit that it is a bit like having a sports car from the 1960’s (back when you needed a mechanic to ride along with you), but the quality of the images produced is outstanding and no battery needed. (:- D

    • I’ve never used a Rollei SL camera. I know they are up there along with Hasselblad cameras when it comes to image quality. I bet that theses babies will keep on working and producing amazing results long after we are gone 🙂

  7. Hi there,

    I have a 6006 and 80mm lens and want to get a little closer for portraits rather like you have in the first photograph and was wondering which extension tube to look for. Did you use the 34mm extension tube with your 80mm on that one?
    Glad I found the site by the way, a brilliant resource!

    • Hello David and thank you so much for the kind words.
      I’m afraid not my friend, I’m 99,9% sure that I was using the 34mm tube but with the 150mm lens.

      Using the tube on the 150mm lens will force you to shoot a few steps back, so the magnification will not be as big as using it on the 80mm lens.

      If you are using the 80mm lens I would advise a smaller tube, like a 17mm one. It will allow you to get much closer but keeping the “whole head” in frame.
      The 9mm tube will give you just that little bit tighter kind of portrait and the 34mm is too big for the 80mm lens. Go for the 17mm 🙂

      Look at this example, a 21mm tube on a Zeiss 120mm lens (Hasselblad)

      Now look at this one, the same 21mm tube on a 80mm lens. See how the magnification is bigger? I was not able to frame the head, had to cut a bit of the chin.

      So, I do think that a 17mm tube on the 80mm lens will be perfect for your portraits.

      Please forgive my rough English.

      • Paulo, firstly thanks for taking the time to respond in such a comprehensive manner. I REALLY appreciate it.
        I have a close up lens for my Rollei 2.8F or but want to build in more portrait flexibility with the 6006 which I really haven’t used that much yet but love. After looking at your examples, I’m confident that the 17mm might be the one I’m after, so the search for one can now begin!
        Thanks again!

      • Gorgeous portraits David!
        The close up lens for the Rolleiflex is a joy. Shallow depth of field and that 3D effect.
        The Rolleiflex 6006 is a wonderful working horse, so solid, so well thought, great meter and it surely is a reliable camera.

        Oh! On top of that if you need batteries and chargers, Rollei Germany still sells it. I got 2 batteries and a new charger from them. I’m just saying this because batteries and chargers are the two things most people are concerned about when buying or using a Rolleiflex 6000 system camera.

      • I bought my 6006 on ebay a couple of years ago and it came complete with two backs, two batteries and a charger. It’s a funny story how I came by it: basically I came home from the pub drunk and had a little look on ebay and suddenly I had a new camera! I was very lucky it was in near perfect condition and was on $400!
        Drinking and buying stuff on ebay doesn’t usually work out so well!

      • ahahah You really made me laugh hard!! 🙂

  8. yuyao said:

    hi dear Paulo, thx for your amazing images and useful comments below. After i read ur post, i decide to buy a 17mm tube online, but i found some one is selling the compendium shade for 6000 series, can i use that instead of 17mm et tube,it not do you mind to tell me wats that for? sorry to trouble you by those question, i am quite new to 120 system..

    • Hello my friend.
      As far as I know the compendium shade is just a shade for the lens. It’s useful when you are trying to eliminate all the possible flares and stray lights that can mess with your picture. On top of that, that compendium shade can hold filters.

      It attaches to lens on one side, and the other end is the one that can hold gelatin filters (which are much much cheaper than the brand filters) and also several masks.

      To be totally honest with you, I think of it as for studio work.

      It is not the same thing as the extension tube. Extension tubes will increase the lens focal distance in a very special way. They let you go closer but you cannot focus on the infinity. Tubes are for… macro or a special kind of work because the depth of field is too narrow.

      You can also combine various tubes and you can use ALL Rolleiflex lenses with them.

      Rolleiflex also has a special thing called the “auto bellows”. Auto bellows allows you to vary the length of the extension but I find it awkward to use and again it’s more suitable for studio work.

      I hope I could be of some help. T

      Take a look at these links, these are for the Hasselblad but you can get a pretty close idea of what to expect from the extension tubes.

      • yuyao said:

        thats really helpful Paulo,i think i might go to get a 34 et for my 150mm lens,how much for that do you think would be a good investment? i saw plenty of sales on ebay which price is around $200-300.

      • Oh damn! Such a late answer my friend. I don’t buy gear from Ebay, I always use Ffordes in the UK. They are amazing and the price is fair. Check them out for reference.

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