Inspiration: Diamantino Quintas

Mr. Diamantino Quintas is a printer but calling him a printer is short, very short. He brings to life the work of photographers by producing amazing large size silver prints the way they should be done.

Mr. Quintas says that his goal is to help the photographers achieving the results they are looking for but I dare to say that the hands and knowledge of Mr. Quintas make him a valuable partner for film photographers looking for high quality prints for a show, or any other purpose.

Mr. Quintas is a great craftsman and I do understand why sometimes photographers themselves are moved when looking at the prints he produces.


12_diamantinoagran9107_529052643789712_1153213654_n 299894_261952177166428_377034_n 539792_468412506560060_848538882_n 548332_415251641903436_635539100_n

  1. JoãoF said:

    simply amazing! what can i say….

    • Can you imagine being able to print your work on that size? 🙂

  2. Derek said:

    If only I can afford papers. That size….

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