Konica Hexar AF + Rollei RPX 100 + Rollei RHS DC

Konica Hexar AF

Rollei RPX 100
Rollei RHS DC developer
5 min
Standard agitation.

This was my first time using the Rollei RPX 100 and I wanted to do it right so I also got a bottle of Rollei RHS DC film developer.

I was told that the Rollei RHS DC developer has nothing to do with the “old” Rollei RHS and the Rollei RPX 100 film is exactly like the Agfa APX 100 as it is produced by Agfa for Maco Germany (I’m selling the story exactly like it was sold to me).

I was presented with two choices for the developer. The Rollei RLS (Rollei Low Speed) or the Rollei RHS (High Speed), being the RHS the most contrasted.

Rollei came up with these twin, cheap labeled (yes), non DX coded (yes) packages with a great film in it. Yes, TWO rolls of 36 exposures for the price of ONE Delta 100.

This was my first time using this combination and I will try it a lot more often. I’m not jumping into any conclusion but the negatives are rich and contrasted with just the right amount of grain. I think Rollei has a new client.



The same young lady, this time using +1EV compensation. 


Sweet lens.


At f2.0

Untitled-31 Untitled-37 Untitled-43


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