New ingredients…


Finally all the ingredients are here and I’m ready for new recipes.

Protopan 400 (35mm)
Rollei ATO 2.1 (35 and 120mm)
Rollei RPX 100 (35mm)
Rollei RPX 400 (35mm)
Rollei Retro 400s (120mm)

Adox APH 09
Ilford ID-11
Rollei RHS DC

I must thank my friends at We Love Film, Carlos and André for feeding my passion with great films at great prices.
And also my friend Mr. Silveira aka Flash Gordon of SL Cameras for being my trusty camera dealer and for the Rollei ATO.

Love you guys!

  1. Safado, foste tu que me ficaste com os Retro 400S!! 😛

    Tem cuidado que os pretos disso são violentos.. eu quero ver se os experimento a 100 ou a 200 para reduzir esse problema


  2. J C said:

    Nice assortment of films!
    You really have to try RPX with APH09 at low temp.
    My recipe usually is 25min at 16C with one inversion per minute. Works really well with 100 and 400 at EI.
    Keep it up – really enjoy your blog!

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