Konica Hexar AF + Rollei RPX 100 + Rollei RHS DC

Konica Hexar AF

Rollei RPX 100
Rollei RHS DC
7 min

I’ll separate this post into three parts.
The first part is about, again, this wonderful combination: the Rollei RPX 100 and the Rollei RHS DC developer. Some of the following pictures were shot at 100, some at 400 and some at 800 ISO. The average time for the RPX 100 in RHS DC is from 5 to 5.30 minutes.

The ones that suffered the most from the extra 2 minutes were the ones taken at 100 ISO. The Rollei times are pretty much accurate. Any deviation will influence the dev. results a lot.

Which brings me to the second part of the post. For me the 1/250 top speed of the Hexar is the only set back of this little gem. I was at a cousin’s wedding taking some fun shots on the outside using the film set to 100. When everybody went to the church I was stuck with 100 so I set the camera to 400 and then to 800. Sometimes it’s a shame not being able to use faster film on the Hexar.

Which brings me to the third part of the post. I was sitting in my car loading that RPX 100 and when I opened up the Hexar’s film chamber two little pieces fell off and then a loud cry (but that was just me). Two little pieces that help the film advance and proper spacing just fell from the film chamber. I’m still a bit in shock but I was looking at the pieces and they are not broken so I guess they just glued out of place. Positive thinking needed!

The little Hexar toke 24 more frames out of 36 until she passed out.


Shot at ISO 100. The camera was on the carpet.


ISO 100


ISO 800


ISO 400


ISO 800

Here are a few more samples all taken at ISO 100.
I just love the lens of the Hexar, It’s indeed an all around kind of camera and the manual controls are amazing. Beautiful out of focus and the way it draws the scenes is just beautiful.

These were also developed for 7 min. Two minutes more than the time table time.

Untitled-22 Untitled-28 Untitled-30 Untitled-32 Untitled-33


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