Hasselblad 500CM + Zeiss Distagon 60mm + Kodak E100G

Hasselblad 500CM
Zeiss Distagon 60mm

Kodak E100G
Developed by my friend Raúl at Câmaras & Companhia

We were closing our Summer issue at work and we were missing a picture of Serra da Arrábida and my boss asked if I could go over there and take a couple of simple shots. So I went there with my son on a little hiking trip and I toke the Hasselblad and a roll of Kodak E100G.

My task was to take simple landscape shots, we only needed one so I thought: why not? I know slide film can be very tricky but out of 12 at least one should make it.

Slide film can be very tricky, correct color and exposure are very hard to get. That does not worry me much. I can always adjust later in Photoshop and if the picture is going to be printed on the magazine I will surely adjust it, color and exposure.

For me color slide film gives very little room for adjustments. Unless I have a great original to start with, I will have a hard time trying to make it right. C-41 film is much easier to adjust digitally.

Unfortunately color slide film requires a keen eye, competent light reading, competent scene interpretation, all things I do not have. Here are some results.

















  1. jezzafox said:

    I like the first four images, but the last three lack the same sparkle. I find with transparency film that although generally you expose for the highlights, the shadow detail disappears just as easily. The results look great on a light box though.

    Did you stock up on Ektachrome when they announced its termination?

    • You are most right. They are visually boring and you are right again, the shadow detail is the first thing to go away and if I’m working for the magazine I don’t mind manipulating as much as I can to get the picture right. But the information must be “there” and transparency film it’s not the best medium for holding that kind of information. At lest using a cheap scanner. C-41 is much more forgiving.

      No I did not my friend and now, in Lisbon, I’m stuck with the New Portra and the Ektar and I’ve been using the Fuji Pro 400H a lot more.

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