Portraits + Kodak E100G

Hasselblad 500CM
Zeiss 120mm Makro Planar

Kodak E100G

Some examples of simple portraits using the Kodak E100G.
If the light was good and the frame is well exposed it’s a joy to work with these positives.
If something is not right the “information” is gone and it’s a lost frame.

I must say that I love color slide film but as an “amateur that does it at home/photographer” C-41 negatives are still more embodied with richer information than E6 color slides. This has also very much to do with my little Canon 9000F scanner. It’s a cheap scanner that serves me well but I can not ask for what it can’t deliver.

These first two shots went more or less well. Hard morning light but we were on the shade. The light was pretty much even and I was getting 1/500 at f5.6 – f8.0. They are a bit flat I know.

06 Untitled-17


These next two shots were taken at sundown. The light was literally fading fast and I only had the E100G with me. On the second shot the light meter indicated 1/15 for f5.6. I did it at 1/60… ruined.
I didn’t want to risk shaking the camera at 1/15 and even at 1/60 I don’t trust my hands.
I like the first one though. It’s warm and it really captured the light and colors of that late afternoon.




The last two were taken also in the shade, morning light.
The first one I did it on my limit 1/60 f4. Love the colors but all the information on the shadows in the background went away. The same with the second one.



  1. Jon Fields said:

    I have to tell you, I am addicted to your blog. You have inspired me to start a blog with a similar format. Thanks for what you do; keep it up!

    • My friend, those are the kindest words. What can I say? Thank you a thousand times over and over.

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