Konica Hexar AF + Kentmere 100

Konica Hexar AF

Recipe:Kentmere 100
Rollei RHS DC
5 min


A couple of months ago I gave a serious try to Rollei RPX 100 and RPX 400.
I found that they are both great films (to my taste of course) and a much cheaper option to Ilford Deltas or FP4+ and Kodak TMax. Through some reading on the internet I came across the information that the Kentmere 100 is the same film as the Rollei RPX 100 so I decided to give it a try also as the Kentmere is even cheaper than the Rollei.

This was my first roll of Kentemere 100 and it is an amazing, amazing, film. (Yes twice!)
I love the tones, love the softness and the richness of the negatives.
It is not, however, a fine grain film. The grain is there but just that little bit to make it “organic”. I like it a lot more than the Delta 100 or FP4+ and Kentmere film is made by Ilford too.

My English skills are not good enough to allow me to share my thoughts in a proper manner but you can take my word on this, if you have not, do give Kentmere 100 a try.

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  1. OK. You convinced us. Just checked with our local camera store in the US and we can get Kentmere so off we go!!

    • I think you will like it. It’s a very charming 100 ISO film.

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