Vivitar 35ES + Rollei RPX 400 + Rollei RHS DC

Vivitar 35ES

Rollei RPX 400 @ 400 and 800
Rollei RHS DC
8 min


This is the little Vivitar 35ES.
Mine was given to me by a friend and I’ve never used it for anything serious, not even for my experiments with film and developers. This little Vivitar amazed me when I saw the results from a test roll.

I left the camera with my 11 years old son with clear instructions:
Test the rangefinder accuracy.
See if it is easy to focus.
See how it handles with large apertures.
Do not go under 1/60s.

My son toke the task in hands and gave me back the camera on Monday with the (finished) test roll in it. And what a sweet little camera it is! Pretty good lens, sharp too. It’s a fixed 40mm/1.7. Takes 49mm filters and it’s an exposure priority camera. You choose the speed through a ring on the lens and inside the viewfinder the camera shows what aperture it will use. Speed goes from B to 1/500 and ISO from 25 to 800.

All the pictures were taken by my son, except his portrait, and he developed the film.
Sorry for all the blá, blá… but I can’t help feeling a very proud dad.

The photographer himself.

The photographer himself.


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  1. Raphael said:

    tive d deixar esta paulo :”filho de peixe peixinho é”
    parabens amigo

    • Rapahel caro amigo! Obrigado pá, pareço um bocado “cagão” mas o Afonso já faz tudo sozinho, até o rolo mete na espiral 🙂

      Vamos ver se sai dali fotógrafo!

    • Thank you Derek.
      Sweet little camera. I must use it more.

      • Derek said:

        Can’t wait to see you use that gem more often!

      • Oh no my friend, I’m no match for a 11 years old photographer 🙂
        It’s his camera now!

      • Derek said:

        Woo hoo!

  2. Hachege said:

    Nice history
    and nice pics
    congrats to your son.

    • Thank you my friend he really gets so motivated when he likes his own pictures. I try to encourage the taking and to be a bit less harder on himself when the shots don’t “come out” 🙂

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