Kodak TriX @ 1600 and 3200 in ID-11

Konica Hexar AF

Kodak TriX @ 1600 and 3200
11 min

Another one, just for the sake of the experimentation.
This time, the same settings as the previous post but using ID-11 instead of Microphen.

Untitled-42 Untitled-49 Untitled-51 Untitled-53 Untitled-55 Untitled-60 Untitled-63

  1. anette said:

    How clear and well balanced … I really like the results of the negative developer. Great shots as well!

    • Thank you so much Anette. I was a long time Xtol user, for over 2 years but I always liked the results using D-76 or or ID-11. They are both a lot smoother and I like ID-11 because I always know what I will get. To certain situations it is indeed a plus. Consistent results 🙂

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