1. Derek said:

    Nettar. Played with one before but never shot it. Shots looks great!

    • The coating on my lens is pretty much haze of the finest quality ๐Ÿ™‚
      And I’m also terrible at guessing distances but I like this camera and I must get an external rangefinder for it.

      • Derek said:

        I have one you can borrow

      • That would be amazing!

  2. Hachege said:

    Nice film
    do you prefer HP4 than HP5 ?

    • As a matter of personal taste I like that bit of grain we get with 400 ISO films. I always feel that 100 ISO film lacks that “organic” look so I prefer HP5 over FP4.

      As a matter of fact I almost never use film under 400. But since I tried the Rollei RPX 100 I’ve changed my mind and I got several rolls.

      IMMO the Delta 100 is “thicker visualy, more dense to the eye” but warmer than FP4 which is a lot “lighter” and cold.

      Please forgive me for not being able to express myself in a more technical way. I’m just tying to share what I feel emotionally when looking at the results.

      • Hachege said:

        Thank you very much for share your preferences and why you prefer one film better than others.
        My personal choice is Ildford HP5, but in the last times Im using Kentmere 400 ISO isnt better than Ildford but is fine too and more cheap and easy to find rolls. I will wanted to trying to use the rollei 400 ISO.

        Thanks again for share your preferences.

      • That’s great my friend. I’m also moving to Rollei RPX 400 and RPX 100 which are half the price of the HP5 or Trix and I do like the Rollei RPX films a lot. The Kentmere films have a little secret. They are made by Hartman and they are the same film as the Rollei RPX.
        Kentmere 100/400 = Rollei RPX 100/400 ๐Ÿ™‚
        And they are even cheaper.




      • Hachege said:

        Thank you mate, is a very useful information

    • Thank you! That a cool link.
      I will give it a try.

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