Mamiya 645 AFD + Ilford PanF+

Mamiya 645 AFD
Mamiya 80mm lens

Ilford PanF+
Ilford ID-11
7 min

With nothing better to do I thought it would be an interesting idea to try out an Ilford PanF+ and developing it in ID-11, stock. My goal was to get as less grain possible.

As a matter of personal taste I like grain, I like contrast and I don’t usually use low sensitivity films that much. Not even on the Hexar AF which has a top speed of 1/250.

I toke the boat to Lisbon with my fellow “partner in crime” and toke some shots.

After the final wash and when I toke the negatives out of the tank, they had an almost artificial look. Like a strip of plastic. I was a bit disappointed with the look of it. Blown high lights (my fault I know), too much greys, and I missed the contrast I get from other films.

But contrast was not the goal, the goal was to get as less grain possible using what I had available.
Just out of curiosity, these images are files of about 70 MB each. Which means they are 50 x 48 cm at a 300 dpi resolution. These negatives can be printed king size and still retain amazing detail.

Ilford PanF+ is really a high quality film.


full 2full 3

p4full 1

    • Truly Jon, I don’t even know what to say. Thank you a million times.

  1. Steve Barnes said:

    He looks like a cool “partner in crime”! Nice images! 🙂

    • Thank you Steve he truly is.
      He is amazed with his little Canon Ae-1 and he already develops his own films. He often develops my films too but I have to pay and he does not run a cheap service. 🙂

      • Steve Barnes said:

        Ha! Cool!

  2. Derek said:

    If you like fine grain try xtol instead. I often find myself using filters for pan f or they look weird to me. Yours looks good I think.

    • I think the word weird is the right one. I didn’t like the looks of the negative but after scanning they were not too bad but I’m not definitely a big fan of low sensitivity films. Adox has some 20 and 25 ISO films with a lot more grain than PanF+, maybe I’ll try some.

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