What’s it all about?



I think this is the first time I’m posting a single image.
I don’t like doing that because this blog is about films, developers and yes, cameras also. The pictures I post are nothing but examples of my little experiments.

The pictures that I post have no value, either artistic or expressive.
They aim to illustrate a certain film in combination with a certain developer.

That being said why am I posting this image?

Yesterday afternoon I went for a walk with my son. It was about 5 pm and the Sun was still very strong. I had the Ricoh with me and I pointed the camera at him. I could see the sunlight blinding me through the viewfinder. I could also see the 500 speed warning blinking, I was even too lazy to change the aperture from f11 to f22, at least to try and get the right exposure.

I just thought… what the hell… and clicked away.

Nothing on this image is my doing. It’s overexposed, but the flares are beautiful, it’s not the sharpest of pictures but there’s a glow everywhere and… somehow, and I mean this from my heart, the Gods of Photography were kind and through light and shadow and glass and electronics… something magical did happen or call it a stroke of luck.

So what’s it all about?
To me on a very personal level I have to say: the pursuit of magic.

  1. Derek said:

    Wait a minute… you are the same person as Bad Exposure!

  2. Chris L said:

    Lovely post, and lovely picture. Couldn’t agree more.

    • Gracias hermano! Procurar a magia, é essa a motivação.

  3. Very well written. I have too disagree with you about something though. You say that your images have no artistic value, I see enormous value in them. A lot of the images you post remind me of some of William Eggleston’s work, only in black and white rather than color. Don’t sell yourself short; you consistently post very nice images.

    • Thank you a million times Jon.
      I don’t know what else to answer to such kind words.
      Although I’m pretty sure that Mr. Eggleston will haunt you from the beyond for such blasphemy. 🙂

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