Nikon FE + Kentmere 100 + Adox APH 09

Nikon FE
Nikkor 50mm/1.8

Kentmere 100
Adox APH 09
7 min


Yesterday I borrowed an Nikon FE from a friend and I went for a little walk with it just to see if I felt good using it. My last SLR camera was a Contax N1, a beautiful, huge. solid camera but mine had front focus issues, so I sold it.

What a great feeling using the FE, manual focusing an SLR camera is a joy. The aperture priority mode is perfect for my shooting style (If I do have one) and the overall simplicity of the Nikon FE is wonderful.

I ‘m not a rangefinder guy. I have lot’s of problems focusing with one and sometimes I like to get closer and the minimum focusing distance of most rangefinder lenses is a turn off for me.

All the sudden I felt like I was discovering photography again. Going back 20 years, back to the days of my old Nikon FG and it was almost like an emotional experience. I’m an SLR guy, no question about it and I will add a 35mm camera to my collection. In a couple of weeks I will go to Oporto to visit a dear friend which is also my trusty camera dealer and I think I will snap his Nikon FE.

My love for 35mm SLR cameras came back strong.

PS: The usual time for this film/developer combination is 5 minutes. My developer was a bit colder than 20ΒΊ C so I gave it an extra 2 minutes.









  1. anette said:

    Interesting post. The Nikon FE seems to be a great camera!

    • Thank you.
      It is great to manual focus a 35mm camera again. Can’t remember the last time I’ve used one. πŸ™‚

  2. Derek said:

    Had several Nikon FEs, the current FE i have is made from 2 FEs, lol. It has been sitting around for a while…. Problem with too many cameras πŸ˜‰

    • I made a great deal on this camera and it felt good manual focusing a 35mm camera again.
      I was in love (still am) with the Contax G2 but… tough times made me sell it. One of my favorite kits, the G2 with the 35/f2 lens. But the Nikon has a totally different fell to it.

      • Derek said:

        I think i started this blog with the Nikon FE. It’s one of the camera I gotta have on my shelf. I will keep replacing it when it breaks. If you like the FE, I got a better one for you, look for a Nikkormat EL. The EL is non ai, and the EL2 is AI. But the EL will have one of the smoothest shutter you will ever find on a Nikon. And, it’s really a Heavy Duty FE.

      • I’m also using an Canon a-e1 and the shutter on that thing is wonderful. It makes a beautiful sound and we can feel… I don’t know… quality and accuracy. Never tried a Nikkormat.

      • Derek said:

        Really? Lol I hated the sound of the ae1

      • Yes really, I have it on the kitchen table. Just fired it πŸ™‚

      • Derek said:

        Hahaha you can have mine too.

      • πŸ™‚ Sorry made a mistake with the answer just now.

        The Canon is shutter priority and the Nikon is aperture priority which makes me use the Nikon more often.

      • Derek said:

        Ah. That guy. Ran across of him the other day.

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