Contax G1 + Kodak TriX 400 @ 6400 + ID-11

Contax G1
Zeiss G45mm lens

Kodak TriX 400@6400
Ilford ID-11
25 min.
First 10 seconds of agitation, and 10 seconds more half time.

The very few times I’ve pushed a 400 ISO film up to 6400 was out of sheer necessity. What I mean is, it was never out of some aesthetic choice. Usually I only go as far as 3200.

Being out of necessity also means that on top of pushing it so high I also had to take pictures at 1/30s with an aperture of f2.0/f4.0… and that’s pretty much my absolute limite in every way for hand held photography.

The first time I did it was on a concert. Almost zero stage light and the only way I could capture something was, again, pushing a TriX up to 6400 and to work with the Mamiya 645 AFD at 1/60, 1/250s at f2.8.

I’ve ruined two rolls while trying to figure out the dev. time for that combination and I ended up with ID-11, 1+1 for 25 minutes.

Samples here and here.

These set of pictures were taken last Summer while visiting some caves in Portugal. Using that same ID-11 recipe the results were consistent with the ones I got from the Mamiya experience in 120mm film.

This recipe is a keeper and I plan on using 6400 ISO on less extreme situations as I’m very confident that the results will come out more presentable.


1:1 detail
1:1 detail


1:1 detail

1:1 detail


1:1 detail

1:1 detail


1:1 detail

1:1 detail





  1. Hm. I prefer pictures where i’m not sure what i see. They are fascinating.

    • Thank you Emil. I’m also fascinated for images where I can figure out what’s in them. That’s one of the reasons I like to use the pinhole camera so much.
      Note to myself: I have to embrace more the… not so “sharp” side of pictures and I must use the camera more freely.

    • Obrigado Fábio mas sendo absolutamente honesto, não gosto de nenhuma. Tenho que continuar a tentar.

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