Jt White Photography

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A couple of months ago a certain image caught my eye on my WordPress reader. I couldn’t stop looking at it. It was a beautiful black and white grainy image.

I clicked on it and read the post and all the sudden I was entering the world of a fantastic photographer and a kind person. I remember we exchanged a few comments about a certain camera and I remember being answered with kindness and humor and that made me know that on top of being a talented photographer, Josh is a good man.

This is the image I’m talking about.


That image is part of a project named The Culture.
Images like that one makes me feel that there are still so many beautiful photographs to be captured, still so many stories to be told through a lens. There’s still so much to see, learn and share.

Josh’s work motivates me and gives me hope that, one day, even I can go out and “grab” one of those breathtaking visual moments.

Hat’s off Josh and thank you.


  1. Rui said:


  2. Steve Barnes said:

    Yes, he is making some very interesting images. Thanks for pointing me in his direction, I’m following his blog now.

    • No matter the “tool” Josh delivers beautiful and poetic results. Love his work.

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