Ricoh 500RF + Kodak TriX 400

Ricoh 500RF

Kodak TriX
Adox APH 09
8 min

Last Thursday I toke the day off. I wanted to see my son on his swimming class and I had some personal paper work to update so… I stayed at home.

Paper work updated, my son still at school, nothing to do so I decided to go out to try my new beautiful, fun, little camera, the Ricoh 500RF.

I went to a nearby cemetery where I often go. It’s a quiet place, with lots of beautiful details I like to capture. I mean no disrespect for the ones that passed away but it’s a place where I like to go from time to time.

After the end of my stroll I went to visit my grandmother and grandfather on my mother’s side. I found them lying on the ground. I picked them up and brought them home.




  1. Derek said:

    Just looked up the ricoh 500F, looks legit.
    I need to get you to use my super ricohflex one day, since you love ricoh so much.
    looks good by the way.

    • It’s more solid than my little Vivitar 35 and I has using a circular polarizer filter (??) came with the camera. I feel that the results are a bit… muddy. Can’t explain better. I will give it several more tries 🙂

  2. Son of Sharecroppers said:

    Very nice work here!

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