Konica Hexar AF + Ilford HP5+ @ 6400

Konica Hexar AF

Ilford HP5+@6400
Adox APH 09
30 min
Agitated for the first ten seconds and two inversions every five minutes.

You can see the results from a TriX pushed to 6400,developed with ID-11, in here:


  1. Steve Barnes said:

    Wow! 6400 – that’s impressive!

    • I honestly think that with a fairly good light 6400 is a very usable ISO and the HP5+ behaves pretty well.
      Thank you Steve.

  2. Son of Sharecroppers said:

    I agree: the first shot is wonderful, with a beautiful subject, excellent composition, and great tones.

    • Thank you my friend.
      All it takes is a bit of light and 6400 ISO can deliver decent results.

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