1. Derek said:

    Oh bad exposure made it into good exposure I see 😀

  2. Derek said:

    Did you shoot it at 6400 or developed to 6400 or both. I usually set my meter at 3200 or so since casual metering under or against street light or other light source are not dependable, then I push it pass 6400 and yields beautiful results too.

    • This was shot at 6400 and developed at 6400.
      That’s a good idea Derek, if you have some samples to illustrate that I would be more than happy to share your recipe in here.

      • Derek said:


        Idea was when shooting at such low light , and especially if there’s a light source in frame it will throw the meter off easily. I set it between 3200 and 6400. And dev in XTOL stock for a pre determined time from this post: http://dehk.wordpress.com/2012/12/17/pushing-a-tri-x-type-film-to-iso25600/ in this case, 20 minutes rotary. It’s more less a happy go lucky approach, don’t care enough to see what ISO is what I really am doing, all I know is it works and works wonder.

      • Derek said:

        Further sum it up, this is specifically for photos with more non lit subjects than your main subject. Light source doesn’t count.

    • Thank you so much but after seeing what Derek did I think I’m just playing in the little league. 🙂

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