I believe in miracles, you sexy thing…

klasse w
This sexy thing is my new sweet baby.
If I’m not wrong only 8000 were made for the Japanese market. Even the manual is in Japanese only.

This camera was an old passion, this one and her twin sister the Fuji Klasse S, sold around the world as Rollei 35AFM. I was lucky enough to make an awesome deal with this one so… here she is.

Yes, it’s a “she” and I will call her Claire.

  1. iamamro said:

    Lovely looking camera. Is it worth getting? I was offered one for £300 recently.

    • It is a sexy camera indeed.
      Well my friend, I just got it today but my first impressions are that this camera is a mix.
      It does feel solid but not like the Hexar AF. On the other hand it feels more solid than the Ricoh GR1s but that shows in it’s size.
      Again it stands in between the Hexar AF and the GR1s when it comes to size and weight.

      The Hexar AF has a much faster AF but the Klasse W is at the same level as the Ricoh GR1s or the Nikon 28Ti.
      The viewfinder is beautiful and clean and it displays the speed!

      The top LCD is bright and illuminated and it’s clear to see. Much, much better than the Hexar AF or the GR1s.

      Handling it feels a lot like using my old Nikon 28Ti but the Klasse W feels more “sophisticated”.

      I’ve read that the lens is very sharp and it render pleasant out of focus areas. I will test it tomorrow.
      It is also a collectors item. 🙂

      • iamamro said:

        Thanks very much for your reply.

        Happy shooting.

      • Thank you for stopping by my friend.

      • iamamro said:

        Thank you!

    • Well, sometimes I’m a fancy gentleman myself.
      Like someone once wrote “You can never have too many cameras, as long as they never just sits on the shelf.” 🙂

      • Derek said:

        😀 I wonder who said that.

  2. Bruno C said:

    Tão fixe!
    Há uns meses andava à procura de uma, mas acabei por arranjar a Contax T3.. agora só tenho a Mju, para o que eu faço chega bem..

    Fico à espera das fotos 🙂

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