Ricoh GR1s + Rollei RPX 100

Ricoh GR1s

Rollei RPX 100
Rollei RHS DC
6 minutes

The Rollei RPX 100 combined with the Rollei RHS DC developer delivers excellent results.
It’s not a typical smooth low ISO film but it has this light grainy/textural thing about it which I like very much.

Rollei keeps changing recipes and films names and finding a right time is a hard task sometimes. I stick to the Rollei developer when using the RPX 100 or the RPX 400 and I always follow their instructions.

The Rollei RHS DC is Double Concentrated and the dev times are very short sometimes but no matter what dilution I use, the results are always very consistent. It’s a “no surprises” recipe. On top of that both the RPX 100 and the RPX 400 are the cheapest, always available, 35mm films in Lisbon.


  1. Derek said:

    I see I am not the only one that photograph toilets!

    • I went in there, did my thing, toke the shot and left with my head held high. πŸ™‚

      • Derek said:

        I will dig up one of my fav bathroom for you in a little but after I finished my post.

      • That’s scary… you have a… favorite bathroom?!? πŸ™‚

      • Derek said:

        Yes I really do lol

      • Derek said:

        I will find it when I am off the treadmill

  2. RPX100 and 400 work fantastically also developed in Rodinal / Adonal, though with slightly more grain. Very sweet films.

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