Olympus OM2n + Agfa APX 400 + ID 11

Olympus OM2n
Zuiko 50mm f/1.8

Agfa APX 400
Ilford ID11
12 minutes.

Finally the Olympus has arrived.
These are from the first test roll with the camera, just to see if everything is working right.
The first impressions couldn’t be better. It is indeed what most people say, little but solid, huge viewfinder, simple and smooth operation, aperture priority, great meter and that’s it. Little gem.

I’ve used the Agfa APX 400 at 200, 400 and 800 and I’ve developed it at box speed (400).
It is a charming, smooth film. It handled very well the 200 to 800 ISO range in ID 11 for 12 minutes.


ISO 200


ISO 200


ISO 200


ISO 400


ISO 400


ISO 400


ISO 400


ISO 400


ISO 400


ISO 400


ISO 400


ISO 800


ISO 800


ISO 800

  1. Son of Sharecroppers said:

    Gorgeous work.

    • Thank you very much.
      Great camera, so simple and so small. All the sudden and after using medium format and compact cameras I have a reborn passion for 35mm SLR’s 🙂

  2. Gleb said:

    Don’t you feel like the viewfinder is a bit hard to focus for some reason? Because I do, for me it’s too dark comparing to Canon AE-1 or Nicon old film cameras I have previously used to shoot with. The mechanical, optical and electronic aspects of the camera are close to perfection though. It’s auto exposures up to 10 hours or so are impressive.

    • Comparing it with the viewfinders on my Canon AE-1 and Nikon FE I must confess that the Olympus is a joy. I love the way the information is displayed and I find it very clean. As for the act of focusing I love the Canon AE-1. That camera has the right weight and the lens has a certain… tension when rotating it which I like very much.
      I don’t know if I made any sense.
      New Year’s resolution: improve my English skills! 🙂

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