If man is 5, then the Devil is 6, then God is 7… the math of Simon Larbalestier.

Back in the late 80’s and during the 90’s an American rock and roll band blew me away with an unprecedented intensity. The unusual chord combinations and the apparent simplicity and power of their music were really a revelation. The Pixies are one of my all time favorite bands.

I remember picking up Doolittle, Surfer Rosa or Come on Pilgrim albums and spending hours and hours looking at the brilliant imagery while listening to those amazing songs.

For me, the artwork on those albums are one with the music. They belong together.
Without one the other would be poorer.

If, on one hand, the name of Vaughan Oliver must be mentioned for the brilliant designer that he is, it’s the photography of Simon Larbalestier that did it all for me.

The images created by Simon Larbalestier for those albums are works of art.
They are strange and beautiful. Disturbing and seductive.

Those photographs not only portrait perfectly the music of The Pixies but they also sing their own particular song.

Who can ever forget the little monkey, the hairy guy or Spike the dog?
Who can ever forget the Surfer Rosa herself…

The photography of Simon Larbalestier did not start and does not end with the Pixies.
His body of work goes much beyond that and I would advise everyone to have a look. It is truly inspiring.


PS: It is possible to get a hand print, hand signed and numbered “Pixies” photography from Simon.
Check it out here.

(As always please forgive my rough English)

© Simon Larbalestier

© Simon Larbalestier

Screen shot 2013-12-21 at 8.57.57 PM

© Simon Larbalestier

© Simon Larbalestier

Screen shot 2013-12-21 at 9.04.51 PM

Screen shot 2013-12-21 at 9.18.40 PM

© Simon Larbalestier

© Simon Larbalestier

© Simon Larbalestier

  1. The Pixies also did a cover of Neil Young’s Winterlong which is how I discovered them.

  2. Son of Sharecroppers said:

    Thanks for introducing me to this photographer. I was never a fan of the Pixies, so I appreciate the education!

    • I think The Pixies appeared in Portugal at a very specific time of my life.
      I was in college as a graphic design student and Vaughan Oliver, who designed those covers, was already a well known designer in a certain “alternative” design scene with all his connections to the music label 4AD.

      I was also an amateur photographer at the time and photography was mandatory for both design and art students, so the pictures by Simon Larbalestier had also a huge impact on me.

      And on top of that I was also teaching guitar and music theory to make some extra cash.

      When The Pixies appeared I found all those passions in a single package, so to say.
      Music, in the first place, photography and design.

      Sometimes I don’t know if my English writing makes any sense…

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