Letting things get out of hand


The Zero Image is such a cool camera.
There are some people out there building great pinhole cameras and putting them to good use but there’s also something very charming about these hand made Thai pinhole cameras.

I like to use it hand held. There are always surprises.
I mean… I look at a scene, uncover the pinhole and hold the camera for about 3, 4, 5 seconds.
Of course that the outcome has very little to do with what I saw most of the times. Everything is blurred becoming almost abstract.

That’s exactly what I like about the Zero Image. It is my “lets see what comes out” camera.
But the camera never lies. All images are true.

No matter how far away from the real scene the picture comes out, it’s a truthful image and a true record of a specific combination of factors. Light, exposure and uncontrolled shaking.

It amazes me in a way that the pinhole captures something that did happen but we couldn’t see it that way. We have our biological “limitations”. Our eyes are the fastest AF system ever created, our eyes have perfect depth of field and they reproduce an awesome range of colors and shades and we can’t switch those things off.

The pinhole works in another dimension. It sees what we see in a way we can not.

Like a friend once said to me “You can always say it’s art”.

Mr. Wayne Mackeson was my inspiration to get a Zero Image.
Inspirational images by Miss Nhung Dang and her biscuit can pinhole camera.







  1. Mark said:

    There is some really nice images there. I really like these.

    I was going to add a link to your blog on my own, is that okay?

    • Thank you so much Mark.
      Of course you can my friend, I would be honored.

  2. Really dream-like shots. Is the last shot a moving walkway?

    • 🙂 Sharp eye!
      Yes it is. On my way out of the subway.

    • Thank you very much my friend.
      My English is not very good but I do try to improve it everyday.

  3. iamamro said:

    Fascinating. You’ve got me wanting one now!

  4. Mark said:

    I thought it would be okay but wanted to check for.

    Happy Christmas to you and your family.

    • Merry Christmas to you and your family Mark.
      Thank you.

  5. Steve Barnes said:

    Lovely! 🙂

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