2013 Roundup

Before getting on with 2014 let me just share a few thoughts.

All my efforts in photography during 2013 were intended for this little corner on the web. Cooking Film serves me as a personal visual notebook for my recipes.

It works also as a space of freedom. A very much needed freedom.
I don’t do fine art photography and my skills are very limited but shooting aiming to capture simple and honest examples of a certain film, recipe, camera or lens, takes out all the “creative pressure” from me.

I can just go out and satisfy my compulsive need to take pictures and, on top of that, I’m putting to use images that are intended to be merely illustrative of a combination of things, from the camera, to the developer.

Of course I always try to find different situations and places and “themes” so Cooking Film does not become boring but, in the end, what matters the most is the fact that when someone lands in here and looks at the images, he can trust them, they are honest examples.

For 2014 I want to step up a little. I will be more selfish in the sense that I will try to incorporate a little bit of myself into the pictures.

I will deny myself the total lack of pressure that has been dangerously working as an excuse for “just shooting around” and I will think of the images first and more seriously.

Zero Image 2000
(4 to 5 seconds exposures, the meter recommended 2 seconds)

Ilford HP5+
Adox APH 09
7 min.


Untitled-13 Untitled-15 Untitled-17 Untitled-18 Untitled-19 Untitled-20 Untitled-23

  1. Derek said:

    I find your blog interesting. And now even more interested to see you stepped up a little.

    • Thank you so much Derek.
      I will try to take and post less pictures but better ones… I hope.

      • Derek said:

        Just remember its a blog not your portfolio! I sometime have problem with that!

      • Me too, me too.
        After Flickr, moving into a blog was a big change and I even started the Bad Exposure blog which would work as a portfolio but I really don’t know what to post there anymore.

      • Derek said:

        I say just focus on one blog. And you have a portfolio site somewhere that doesn’t get update often. That’s what I do.

      • I will try but I will also be more selective about the images I post.
        They must work as an example of a recipe but I will try to capture those samples in a more personal way.

      • Derek said:

        Best of luck to you, it can only get better.

      • Thank you so much Derek.

  2. Alex K said:

    Oh, I can relate to that compulsive need to shoot pictures.

    Good luck in 2014! Hope it proves bountiful.

    • Thank you so much Alex.
      By the way I had to Google “bountiful” 🙂
      Great word. Learned something new.

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