It is time for stormy weather

I’m a winterish kind of person.

I was born in February and Winter is, for me, the most motivating time of year for taking pictures.

I like heavy skies, fog, cold, rain and wind. I feel that the world gains a natural texture which makes it richer visually. Unfortunately most of my time is spent in urban surroundings and I don’t have many opportunities to venture into the nature.

Up there, on the mountain, everything changes so fast. In a couple of minutes the clouds can cover up the Sun and we can’t see past the length of an arm. The next minute the air can become so cold an clear looking like it’s made of glass.

My faithful “partner in crime” came along.
He likes the cold and I love him.

Konica Hexar AF

Rollei RPX400@800
Rollei RHS DC
8 minutes.






  1. I am a big fan of winter, too. Oh, and these images as well!

    • Thank you. My favorite time of year for photography.

  2. Bruno C said:

    A primeira levou bastante “dodging” no Afonso, não?

    Gosto da última – Ansel Adams na Serra da Estrela? 😛

    Abraço e bom 2014!!

    • Dodge é uma ferramenta que nunca uso.
      Tem um layer multiply por cima. Prefiro fazer essa máscara e depois apagar o resto que não quero afectado.
      Tem também high pass e foi limpo com clone stamp.

      Bom ano Bruno, abraço.

  3. fbonito said:

    engraçado.. sou completamente ao contrário 😉

    • Acabam também por ser rotinas. Resultados satisfatórios no menos tempo possível. 😉

    • Thank you so much dear Janine. We had a wonderful full time on the mountain.
      I still have a couple of rolls which came out beautiful, lots of fog and low clouds. 🙂
      I will post soon.

      Thank you again Janine.

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