Though it’s raining stop complaining, there’s a long road to bear…

I love this kind of landscape. Love the mountains, the low clouds, the snow. The way things change visually in a matter of seconds… literally.

Moving with the wind, the clouds cover and uncover different parts of the landscape causing abrupt light changes, casting shadows everywhere and letting the light through at the same time.

I don’t have any experience about shooting on this kind of scenery and I had some problems figuring out where and how to measure the light.

My main problem was not getting a complete washed out white on the snow and clouds while keeping some detail on the other parts of the image.

These were all taken at -0.7 EV, ISO ranging between 800 and 1600.
The whole thing was developed at box speed for some extra harshness.

PS: I’m thinking about developing a system, for measuring light, which I already have a name for. I’ll call it the Zone System!

Konica Hexar AF

Ilford HP5+ @ 800 and 1600 ISO
Adox APH 09
8 minutes






  1. TijmenDalhuijsen said:

    I’m going to the Alps next week and plan on bringing my Hexar AF and was wondering what tips you have for shooting in the snow. I’ll be at 7500′ and up. It’s snowed a lot (with about 3′ on the way) and I was wondering how good of a job the Hexar does. Should I just use the Hexar’s meter (and if so overexpose by how much?). The lighting conditions will be very different: sun at that altitude with just snow will mean VERY bright scenes. Just now I’m thinking I should definitely bring an ND filter.
    Any tips will be appreciated.

    • Hello my friend.
      One thing is sure, if you can, yes! Take an ND filter.
      I was lucky to get low clouds and fog and that allowed me to use 400 ISO comfortably.

      I had the camera set to -0.3 EV at all times and there was really no trick. Just pointing and shooting.

      On the other hand the Hexar had a hard time focusing scenes that, at plain sight, looked like… “contrasty” enough for an easy focus. Many times I had to focus at something darker at, more or less, the same distance, just to get focus, recompose and shoot.

      I blindly trusted the camera’s meter and the Hexar rose to the occasion. 🙂

      Please forgive my English and I hope you can take something good out of this.

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