Good things come to those who wait?


Finally, one year and six days later my old beaten up Leica CL was ready to leave the repair shop.
I’ve sent it to repair a misaligned rangefinder and it ended up staying for little over a year.

It turns out that the rangefinder was impossible to align since the original screws were messed up.

Well, I believe it was all for the best. It came out of the shop in perfect shape after a very nice CLA.
The meter (yes my meter works!) which was reading about 3 stops above is now also adjusted to the new batteries.

One thing is still broken on my camera though. The Godforsaken white plastic take up spool. It only has half of it inside but it works nicely. The image spacing might not be perfect but it does not overlap any frames.

I couldn’t wait to try it out so here are the results.
It focus perfectly and the meter is pretty accurate. It’s smooth to operate and that little Summicron C 40mm is a little gem. I love the way it breaks the focus and the overall amazing detail it delivers.

It’s not a secret to anyone but… this lens is the best Leica bargain.

Leica CL

Rollei RPX 400
Rollei RHS DC
7 min.



f11, focus on the boat.

f11, focus on the boat.















  1. Borja said:

    It’s a good feeling to have your camera returned, clean, lubed and adjusted. You just want to take it out and make up for lost time. Sounds like you’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Great images!

    • Thank you my friend.
      My CL is cursed as I only had the opportunity to use it twice before sending it out for repair. The first time everything got stuck when loading a film. It would not advance the film and pressing the shutter did nothing. When it got back the rangefinder was so out that focusing was impossible.

      It’s running smooth now and I do like that little camera 🙂

  2. iamamro said:

    Lovely photos. Nice CLA on that Leica – you’ve done well. (No doubt it cost a lot of money).

    • Thank you.
      Well, I can share it with you. For the whole CLA, adjustment of the meter and the replacement of several original screws, I paid 210 euros. More or less 285 USD.

      • iamamro said:

        Not too bad. That about 170 UK sterling.

      • Well, the final price was 210 euros + VAT, but since I didn’t want any “papers” I also didn’t pay for the VAT which is 23% in Portugal.

      • iamamro said:

        Oh I get you. Very good.

  3. serialphotographer said:

    A nice collection of images

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