Radium waters

During my last time off with my son I came across this place.
It is called “Águas Radium”, something like “Radium waters”. People came to this place to enjoy the healing power of the water which was indeed radioactive. The story goes that Madame Curie went there too to study the composition of the water and of the surrounding land.

The water was even bottled and sold for consumption!
I’m talking about the 1920’s…

It’s all in decay now and I really wanted to enhance the granite textures so my choice was to push a Rollei RPX 400 to 1600 ISO and developing it at box speed (400 ISO).

It came out very harsh and grainy but the negatives show great definition and detail.

Konica Hexar AF

Rollei RPX 400 @ 1600 ISO
Rollei RHS DC
8 minutes










  1. Ricardo said:

    Ficaram no ponto. O sítio parece ser brutal. Quando sabes que vais puxar o filme e depois revelar à velocidade padrão fazes algum ajuste/compensação na exposição quando a fotografar?

    • Não, não Ricardo. Fotografo normalmente.
      O resultado é quase sempre consistente em várias películas. Puxar e revelar à sensibilidade normal dá-te mais contraste e um grão mais áspero.

      Mas a fotografar não faço qualquer compensação.

      Olha aqui, rolo de 3200 revelado a 400.

  2. Ricardo said:

    Se calhar ainda experimento isso. Tenho um RPX 400 que fotografei metade a 400, metade 3200, estava a pensar em revala-lo em stand, mas pode ser que experimente esse método.

    • Stand dá-te uns negativos mais “finos”, são porreiros para se trabalharem depois no Photoshop. Assim fica mais agressivo logo na revelação mas depende do tema e do efeito que queiras dar.

  3. Mark said:

    These images are excellent as always. The high contrast and grainy look make them seem almost surreal. I’ve just got another Ricoh Digital, a GRIII and I really like the high contrast scene mode it has.

    On a slightly different note I need some advice on a Ricoh GR1 film camera I have acquired. At the moment it does’t seem to work but you might be able to help. Is there a way i can send you a direct message without having to comment on one of you blog posts?

    Thanks, Mark

    • Thank you Mark.
      I’ve sent you an email my friend. If I can, I will help.
      The GRD3 is addictive! So much personality on such a brilliant designed camera.

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