Red light district

I was given access to a fully equipped darkroom as part of a community project. This community project was started by a friend and I am now managing things until that friend returns from the UK.

Yesterday I went there with my son to check things out.
It is equipped with 4 enlargers and everything we need to make some prints, and I mean everything!

My son wanted to print his own portrait and he ended up making all of the printing. I was just consulted about exposure times and so.

I hope that this community darkroom gets used by others, I hope that we can all share our knowledge to make it a dynamic space.


  1. Anonymous said:

    Bravo Afonso! 🙂

  2. anette said:

    I’m sure this will be a successful project. Working in the darkroom is such a great experience and it’s a lot of fun.

    • Thank you so much.
      I would be a very happy person if I can make this reach as many people as possible.

  3. dehk said:

    Look at you two go!! Bravo.

    • Thank you both.
      Step by step we will get there! 🙂

      • dehk said:

        I am slightly disappointed you didn’t print anything though, but being a consultant is good!

      • Next time, me and my son, will wrestle to see who uses the enlarger. I’m most positive he will win… again 🙂

      • dehk said:

        you got plenty of them sitting around 😀

      • He always wants to use the one that I want! 😉

      • dehk said:

        lol oh you can use another.

  4. Rufus Girard said:

    Oh my, you are so lucky, these places are so hard to find in New Zealand.

    • This darkroom belongs to Almada City Hall. It was closed for some years and we are trying to bring it back to life and to motivate film photographers to use it, so City Hall made us the “managers” of that space. There’s so much we can do: workshops, photo walks, going to schools showing young kids something about film photography, sharing knowledge…

  5. "Occam Blade" said:

    Greetings from New England–
    Wow. I just happened on your site during my exploring around WordPress. All my analog gear is waiting for me downstairs, all very usable and this just might be the catalyst to get that darkroom up and running again. I like your images a lot! I wish you every success in all your pursuits!

    • Greeting from Portugal my friend and thank YOU for stopping by.
      It looks like you just have to go downstairs 🙂

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