Note to self: told you so.

Several months ago a friend asked if I could design the artwork for his CD and… since I like photography so much… if I could also take some promotion shots of the band.

Well, I have much faith in my graphic designer skills and I’m totally at ease with that part. On the other hand I consider myself such a shitty photographer that using “me” and “photographer” in the same sentence is offensive for any real photographer.

Many times I use “amateur” before the “photographer” but I feel much more comfortable using a plain “amateur picture taker” designation.

On every aspect of my life I don’t like to stand on my toes and I know my limits however, this time, I thought I could deliver a good set of pictures but, reality check, I blew it big time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for taking chances and trying different things. I’m all for stepping out of our comfort zone and I truly don’t mind taking bad shots, I’m used to that. What I can’t deal with is the disappointment of the ones who believed in me.

I’m designing a beautiful artwork for the CD, as for the promotion shots… I will keep them as a reminder that, being an amateur picture taker, I have no business doing serious jobs.

This is what happens when an amateur picture taker stands on his toes…

livros (32 of 32)-2

livros (26 of 32)

livros (13 of 32)

livros (28 of 32)-2

livros (25 of 32)

livros (10 of 32)

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